Augmented Reality for  Technical Entrepreneurs - ARTE




Project duration

       01/06/2014 -> 31/5/2016



       5 partners

       University Politehnica of Bucharest, CAMIS center, RO – promotor, coordinator (CAMIS)

       University of Akureyri, IS – partner P1 (UNAK)

       Macdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau Ltd., MT – partner P2 (MECB)

       Information Technologies Institute, LT – partner P3 (ITI)

       Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bistrita Nasaud, RO – partner P4 (CCIBN)



       Increased and strengthened institutional cooperation at the level of higher education sector between Romania and Norway, Iceland andLiechtenstein

       The project aims to create a common structure, curriculum and content for the “Augmented Reality (AR) for Technical Entrepreneurs” interdisciplinary teaching module aimed at Science/Engineering/Business Higher Education stakeholders.


  1. Develop a training framework to support students in acquiring entrepreneurial skills related to and exploiting AR technology
  2. To develop an innovative interdisciplinary teaching module (AR  & Business Fundamentals training material, course support, website, case studies, etc.)
  3. To pilot test the innovative module created
  4. To raise awareness on AR for business entrepreneurs via case-studies & a number of dissemination activities.


Target groups

       Undergraduate students willing to acquire entrepreneurial skills, including Roma students

       Postgraduate students willing to acquire entrepreneurial skills, including Roma students

       Adults interested in continuous training programmes

       Young Aspiring Business Entrepreneurs

Main activities

       P1: Development Phase

      A1 – Understanding the AR Training Needs of Young Technical Entrepreneurs

      A2 - Joint ARTE Module Curriculum Development
A3  - ARTE Module Content Development

       P2: Implementation Phase

      A4 ARTE e-learning Content Implementation

      A5 ARTE Course Pilot Testing

       P3:  Exploitation Phase

      A6 Dissemination & Exploitation Strategies

      A7 ARTE Hands-on Workshop 

      A8 ARTE Final Conference and related Proceedings

Expected outcomes

       ARTE Curriculum

       ARTE course content also in e-Learning format

       ARTE Hands-on Workshop

       ARTE Conference complete with Proceedings

       ARTE Web Page with access to e-Learning Content and other Project Results





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