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Key staff members include:

Catalin Gheorghe Amza

Director of CAMIS center

Catalin is an associate professor with the University Politehnica of Bucharest. He was and is involved in several research and development projects, including Long Life Learning Projects. He studied for his Masters and PhD degree in United Kingdom, De Montfort University, Leicester where he combined ICT technologies in industrial applications. His expertise and skills consists of:
- Good management expertise including managing EU projects (e.g. project manager for the Leonardo da Vinci project no. RO/05/B/F/PP175005 called CECA and Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Project - Development of Innovation 142514-LLP-1-2008-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP called euCAD)
- E-learning experience, including certified online trainer and teaching E-learning technologies to students and to various Associations as informal training;
- Design technologies teaching experience and skills (teaching CAD/CAM concepts to students, certified CAD trainer/tester for ECDL and ECDL CAD programme)
- author of 6 books in the area of CAD/CAM technologies and design
- Communications skills; masters the English language


Gheorghe Amza 

 Gheorghe is a voluntary consultant for the CAMIS center. He was the founder of the CAMIS research center in 1993 (and director of the center since 2013). Among his skills and experience, one can mention:
- Good management expertise (including Human Resources – Dean and manager of several EU projects)
- CAD/CAM expertise
- Internal and external evaluation skills
- Excellent administrative skills
- Previous National & European projects experience - he was the manager of 10 National research projects and of 5 European co-funded projects (including 2 Leonardo da Vinci projects).


Gabriel Dan Tasca 


Gabriel is a teaching assistant in the area of CAD/CAM and ICT technologies applied to Industrial Applications. His area of interest ranges from CAD/CAM technologies, innovation and creativity in research to programming and e-learning environments. He was successfully involved in the LLL Leonardo da Vinci euCAD project (2008-2010).


Cicic Dumitru Titi

Titi is a lecturer and researcher in the area of welding technologies. He holds a PhD in the area of repairing technologies through welding, a certificate in Ultrasound Non-destructive testing. He was and is currently involved in LongLife learning projects.


Constantin Radu 


Constantin is a lecturer at University Politehnica of Bucharest. His main expertise consists of teaching Technology and Design concepts to students with the accent on CAD/CAM technologies and 3D design and modelling. He is author and co-author of 3 books in this area. He is a certified CAD trainer/tester for ECDLTM CAD programme and he is was actively involved in previous European projects, including the CECA and euCAD project mentioned above.


Dan Florin Nitoi


Dan is an associate professor with the Materials Technology and Welding Department. His areas of interest lies within the testing of materials, materials technologies and ultrasonic motors. He was involved in several research and development projects. he also teaches Modeling and Simulation (FEM) courses to 3rd year engineering students.

Corneliu Rontescu 

 Corneliu holds a PhD in the welding technologies and he is a specialist in automation of welding processes; he is a lecturer delivering Welding Technologies courses to engineering students and he is a keen specialist of CAD software.