euWELD Results

In summary, eu-WELD will deliver the following results (R) that are collectively novel in training welding stakeholders:

R1. The eu-WELD competence profile.
The profile will be fully structured according to ECVET guidelines and described in the paper "eu-WELD-European Expert in Welding Technologies". The profile will describe key activities (units of competence) and for each activity skills and knowledge needed. A set of ECVET points will be allocated to each unit in order to allow recognition and transfer in other existing official qualifications and comparison with similar profiles in different countries.

R2. Master manuscripts of pedagogical materials (lesson plans including materials to use for training) of the following eu-WELD training modules:

  1. Part I (Technology): Basics of welding technology;
  2. Part II (Processes): Basics of welding processes.

The master manuscripts will be described in two papers:

  1. "Working Materials for Training the eu-WELD - European Expert in Welding Technologies. Part I: Basics of welding technology ";
  2. "Working Materials for Training the eu-WELD- European Expert in Welding Technologies. Part II: Basics of welding processes".

R3. The e-learning course "eu-WELD - European Expert in Welding Technologies" based on the master manuscripts part I & II for eu-WELD training.

R4. Methodologies for validation and assessment:

  1. Part I: Validation of prior learning for entering the qualification;
  2. Part II: Validation of learning outcome on completion of the training.

In addition, the eu-WELD project will have a number of events including:

a) local dissemination events organized by partners in their own country to promote the eu-WELD project and its results;
b) a pilot test to evaluate the eu-WELD courses;
c) final eu-WELD conference.

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