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Erasmus Project No. 2021-1-MT01-KA220-VET-000025011


Virtual & Augmented Reality Trainers Toolbox to foster Low Carbon Tourism & Related Entrepreneurship


7 European partners working together to foster Low Carbon Tourism

The VINCI project thus aims to foster a shift towards low carbon tourism (LCT) and foster related entrepreneurship across a number of EU Member States. To do so, the VINCI project brings together a number of partners from across Europe, purposely chosen in such a way to ensure a good mix and balance between experts in Climate Change/Sustainability, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, work-based training, VET Curriculum development/pedagogy and digital technologies (AR/VR and m- / e-Learning). In addition, given tourism and related economic activities vary across Europe’s Geographic spread, the VINCI consortium brings together partners from Northern Europe down to the very South. Together, these VINCI partners have thus set the following objectives to help reach the overall project aim: OB1: development of an innovative curriculum to help fosters low carbon tourism activities and amplify related entrepreneurship; OB2: raising awareness through 'best practice' case-studies of how tourism stakeholders can generate less CO2 emissions in all three phases of travel tourism; OB3: develop a set of modular training resources on low carbon tourism activities and related entrepreneurship, some of which will be Augmented and/or Virtual Reality based to better engage learners; OB4: development of the VINCI Toolbox consisting of a repository of digital training resources on LCT, including an m-/e-Learning platform to help stakeholders acquire skills on LCT even at their place of work & home; OB5: development of a Trainer's Guide e-book intended to recommend to VET trainers, specific training units and/or training styles relevant to different tourism sector stakeholders; OB6: to disseminate in both the partner countries and other EU Member States, awareness on the concept of LCT as well as the VINCI project results that can exploited by the project's target groups that includes VET trainers/tourism mentors, VET learners as well as tourism sector stakeholders including entrepreneurs.

On completion, the VINCI project will deliver the following key results (R):

  • R1: An Innovative Curriculum To Foster knowledge on Low Carbon Tourism concepts and amplify related entrepreneurship;
  • R2: A Set of Twelve AR/VR Enhanced Case-studies of how stakeholders can generate less CO2 emissions in all three travel phases involved in the tourism sector;
  • R3: The VINCI 'Low Carbon Tourism and related Entrepreneurship' Digital VET Toolbox;
  • R4: The VINCI Trainers Guide e-Book on Low Carbon Tourism and related Entrepreneurship.

The VINCI project partners have been chosen in such a way as to ensure a good balance between experts in adult pedagogy, tourism, climate change, work-based training, curriculum development, augmented/virtual reality  as well as  partners with a strong link to the tourism sector.  VINCI thus brings together a number of European entities ranging from HEI Training Institutions, Eco Tourism Research institutes, private digital technology service providers and  toursim stakeholders to collectively develop the VINCI toolkit, targeted at providing training resources that will help foster low carbon tourism in Europe.

  • Institut za turizam, Croatia
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise Drosostalida, Greece
  • Institut pro regionální rozvoj, o.p.s., Czech Republic

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Erasmus+: 2021-1-MT01-KA220-VET-000025011

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